This summer I am going to be adventuresome and drive the kids to Virginia from Florida to go to FloydFest. I have to be there July 26. I figure if I leave in a few weeks I should make it. I am volunteering in the RV lot at night and in the kids tent by day so I can be near the kids. Floydfest is a music festival in Virginia featuring many of the artists we have grown to love at Suwanee Music Festival.

5 Must-Have’s for Your Pop-up Camper

  1. LP (Liquid Propane) is used for cooking and sometimes hot water & refrigeration.
  2. Electric cord adapter and extension cord so you can plug in to any spot you stop.
  3. A water hose is needed. Did you know that drinking is white. ( I didn’t) Also, make sure you bleach your water tanks or bring bottled water. No one wants to drink stale microbial water on vacation.
  4. Wheel chocks for when you want your pop up to be stationary. Although it sounds like a fun ride, rolling while you sleep isn’t recommended. You never know where you might have your crash landing. 
  5. Toilet paper. It is a real thing. You don’t want to be like those folks at Woodstock, pooping and wiping with the neighbors’ clothes and stripping trees of their leaves. Poison Ivy on your bum is no fun (speaking from experience). I use Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12 that I purchased for $35.64 on Amazon.

I am an Amazon Prime member so I enjoy the convenience of Amazon Subscribe and Save for many products I use on the regular. You save 15% when you get 5 or more items. Scott Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissues is perfect for my pop up because it is specially made for use in RVs, boats, buses and similar applications. It breaks up four times faster than the average bath tissue & has soft, absorbent sheets that are gentle on skin. It is Sewer- and septic-safe 1-ply bath tissue and has 264 sheets per roll.


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