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The¬†reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Nowadays when you head out for an adventure the first thing most people grab is the cell phone. Today’s smartphones are the ultimate all in one travel companion. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is loaded with new features to to make it the perfect digital travel companion. Here are just few of my favorites.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Made For Adventures

  • It’s Waterproof:One of the biggest concerns with our smartphones today are not letting them get wet. Now with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you stop spending all the extra money on cases just for the purpose of keeping them dry. The Note 7 is waterproof.
  • Tons Of Storage: Now standard with the Galaxy Note 7 is extra storage. Each device comes with a removable 256gb SD card to make sure you have room for all of your music, games and photos on your adventures.
  • Best Camera Ever: Front camera, back camera. It doesn’t matter any more with the Note 7. They are now equals and still the best camera phone out there. The new camera captures 95% more light than the Note 5 making even those shaky and low light pictures amazing.
  • Tighter Security: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now has tighter personal security for your phone by way of using a retinal scan to gain access. Retinal patterns are unique to every individual like fingerprints but much harder to copy.

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While it’s clear to me which new smartphone is the must have of the bunch, what’s not always clear to me and many others is the plans and charges that come along with these ¬†smartphones. Most will just go with a carrier that they are familiar with. This course will lead most of us to pay up to 50 % more than we need to for a cellular and data plan. Best Buy Has the solution to this problem with their mobile plan and compare tool. Just go into your local Best Buy and let their experts help you ascertain what your needs are. Then they can help you decide which carrier and plan best matches your needs and budget. Save money on the plan and get the device you know you want. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Where will you take your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


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