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Not many people can say that they live in paradise. Me, I am one of the lucky ones. I am so fortunate to live in the great and beautiful state of Florida. While summer may be hot, we are never lacking on things to do. As a kid, summer consisted of going to the beach with family, spending time on the water, learning how to throw a line, and soaking up the sun. As I’ve grown into adulthood, not much has changed; aside from having to be responsible for my own kids, that is. As I take a walk down memory lane, I become especially nostalgic about family memories with my own children. One memory in particular stands out from the rest, and it was the summer that we discovered boating.

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Fun in the Sun: Making Family Memories

The summer I have in mind was two years ago. The weather was scorching, hitting close to 99 degrees. We decided as a family to take the little one for a dolphin tour out on Fort Myers Beach. Once we were on the boat the weather could not be more perfect. This was our first time on a boat as a family, Aidan was so excited! The boat that we were on was a huge two story boat with a big shady top and an open back which permitted a great view of the water and dolphins. We were able to sit comfortably in the shade while Aidan waited impatiently for the dolphins to pop out of the water. Finally, the dolphins appeared in the wake of the boat. Aidan just about lost his mind! An entire family of dolphins joined us, probably around 12 or so! The look on his face as he realized the baby dolphins were swimming with the mommy dolphins was priceless. A face full of wonder a joy, all I could think was this is how we should always be making family memories!

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As a family who loves to fish, it would be a dream come true to own our own boat. Unfortunately, it isn’t in the cards to make that purchase quite yet. For now, renting a boat is the better option. Discover Boating has great resources for people like us, who know about boats but may not know which is the right fit for us. They are a national, nonprofit program on behalf of the US recreational boating industry aimed to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. Discover Boating is an unbiased online resource packed with easy, interactive features on all things boating, including a boat selector tool, get on the water tab where you can find rentals, classes and charters, cost comparison tool, renting options, youth boating programs, education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos. There are also some pretty great resources out there for those who are looking to finally make a purchase, which should come in handy sooner than later for us! Kick start your celebration on the water and get inspired by checking out the video below!

What is your favorite boating memory?


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