Around and around she goes...

I am nauseous more than 5 hours out of a 24 hour day when I travel. It is because I get motion sick. This is why I pay attention to the roads, or rather why the roads fascinate me when I go to other countries. I look to see how the natives drive, how the roads follow the landscape and more importantly how all the cars fit on the roads.

Magical Roads of France
You have to visit France to experience the magic in their roads!

In Provence, France physics do not exist. Two cars of the seemingly same size as the road, on a regular basis, pass each other with no damage to the other car. As in they fit. On the same road, passing each other at the same time. On cliffs. Around curves. It is baffling. See for yourself.

These pictures were all taken on my recent trip to France to see the counties that make up Provence. What counties are those? That is another baffling story told among the French. Would you like to see the roads of this beautiful countryside for yourself? Wendy, from Bliss Travels offers personalized trips to Provence, France where she will personally drive you up and down and around and around to lavender fields, wine tastings, French castles, ancient ruins, and serenades by a Frenchman while you sip his wine and eat his freshly picked cherries as the breeze flows through your hair. Then she will drive you back to your provincial village safe and sound. *Don’t worry, I hear the power of the expanding road has been blessed upon Micheal (Michelle) and Serena as well.


*Bliss Travels only employs those named Micheal and Serena, so if you aren’t willing to change your name, do not apply. However, she will accept travelers by any name.

All of their trips provide clients with insider access and off the beaten track experiences. Bliss Travels always highlight on the great foods and wines of the region, including Chateauneuf du Pape. In addition, they will customize the trips to focus on the things that most interest their guests. Sometimes the focus will be on photography, sometimes on art. Other times we focus on history or ruins. What will the focus of your trip be? You can contact Wendy here and follow our journey at #seeustrip #BlissFR on Facebook & Twitter.


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