SoapsTHe markets of Provence, France are incredible. You can find local fresh meats, cheeses, and fruits along with baskets, clothing, jewelry, and even fun little trinkets and toys. You can find people hustling and moving about their business or taking their time browsing the different shops. The energy from it all is really a neat experience. Sometimes the market can be a little over whelming so here is a guide of things to look for!

A Guide Through The Markets Of Provence


The jewelry in the markets was amazing. It is stuff you dont see every day. Most of it was being sold by those who made it right there in the surrounding area. The pieces are beautiful and very affordable too!wood

Besides the jewely there are other handmade crafts to be found in the markets. One which was very fascinating was the handmade wooden kitchen pieces. There were cutting boards, bowls, plates, even utensils. All made from wood!meat

Dried meats in the streets! Not only something not seen every day but delicious too! Right there in the streets of the markets you can find dozens of different kinds of meats dried then covered in different spices and herbs with great prices too!cheese

Leave room for the cheese though! Readily available are goat and cow cheese of all different varieties. If you can’t decide by just looking at them ask for a sample. Vendors are always happy to give them!produce dried-fruits

You can find both fresh and dried produce in the market, all grown up locally, all delicious. The tomatoes so sweet you can pick them up and eat them like apples. Though it is hard to resist beware of eating too much dried fruits at once!paella

Last but not least, though it is not something expected to find in a Provencal market was paella. Vendors cook the delicious meal right there in the streets in enormous pans 3 feet across! You get a generous portion for a modest price. If you find a paella stand it is a must have so dig in!

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