The heat has broken and the holiday season is almost upon us. This means there will be lots of themed parties are just around the corner. It’s my favorite time of year for taking advantage of my yard that I’ve worked so hard on all summer long. To me, nothing says fall in Florida like outdoor parties. I love to dress up my yard a bit when I throw my little soirees. I find the best way to do that is with some creative lighting ideas to go along with the vibe of the occasion. So here are just few ideas that like to use to give my events a little extra pizazz.

creative lighting ideas

Creative Lighting That Really Shines

A Little Color Goes A Long Way: Whenever I’m throwing a little soiree, I always add a little color to my light scheme. The Phillips hue gives you countless color schemes that are available at the touch of a button from your smartphone or tablet. There are a whole lot of pre-set themes or you can customize your own.  This helps soften the lighting and set the ambiance for whatever the occasion or mood is.


Light The Way: Show your guest the way with some soft lighting in or behind some potted plants. The Phillips hue wireless This gives a nice soft exotic look to your space and helps your guest avoid any hazards lurking in the shadows as well as highlighting some of entries and exits.


Control The Mood From Palm Of Your Hand: Maybe the tempo of the party is picking up and you want some proper lighting to go along with it. The Phillips hue smart lights combined with the Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router and DST Adapter give you the power to change the mood of the party in just seconds right your smartphone or tablet using preset color schemes of your choosing. Maybe you’re at a party at someone else’s house. Set the timers to make it look your are home to help ward off any potential  holiday party poopers.


The Phillips hue A19 starter kit, available at Best Buy, is next great thing as far as lighting goes. They are available in standard LED light bulbs or in the portable Phillips hue Go, which you can strategically place where ever they are most needed and be controlled by a simple on/off switch or from the app They have five pre-programmed ambiance settings available at the touch of a button and are compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. They can also be set on timers in case your a little forgetful. So bring a little color into your life and control it right from the palm of you hand.

How to do make your space pop?


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